The ML@LIS conference is a one-day conference where researchers from the Laboratoire d’Informatique et Systèmes (LIS) will make scientific presentations of their work focusing either on Theoretical, Technical or Applicative aspects of Machine Learning. This conference is free and open to everyone.

The ML@LIS conference objectives are:

  • animate the internal life of the laboratory, to ensure that we discover what is being done in the different teams, to establish links and perhaps even open the door to collaborations if the discussions are going well;
  • give an overview of what is being done in Machine Learning at the LIS for the Marseille eco-system interested in machine learning.

This conference is organised at the instigation of the QARMA team, and the organisation comitee is made up of members of different research groups spread over several sites:

  • Jeremy Auguste – TALEP – Luminy
  • Véronique Bianciotto – Administrative Service – St Jérôme
  • Julien Dejasmin – QARMA – Chateau Gombert
  • Oussama Djedidi – SASV – St Jérôme
  • Valentin Emiya – QARMA – Chateau Gombert
  • Luc Giffon – QARMA – Chateau Gombert
  • Manon Scholivet – TALEP – Luminy
  • Ronan Sicre – QARMA – Chateau Gombert